Supporting St Paul's Community Primary School

At Just Audi VW, we like to help and support as many charities as we can throughout the year. Raymond, who many of you may already know as our workshop manager, is a director for a charity called Christian Partners in Africa (CPA). This is a charity that is close to his heart, the opportunity to help in Africa was a dream that became a reality for him. Having lived in Mozambique with his family and being lucky enough to have visited Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Morocco and Mauritania, he knew what African life was like. 

CPA is a Lincoln-based charity that has worked with African partners for 23 years, supporting and encouraging children and young people in poverty, and poor communities in Africa. One of there projects that are supported by Just Audi VW is a school located in Rukungiri, Uganda. The local school, St Paul's Community Primary School, opened in January 2000 with only 100 children, 20 of these were local orphans, who were given a free scholarship and their first chance to go to school. Many of the children who attend St Paul's had lost their parents to AIDS or Malaria and are now living with extended families or guardians and were deprived of a good education. 

Since the project started CPA's vision and purpose remains the same. The school now has over 700 children with 144 of them on the scholarship programme. This could not have been done without the help and support of people donating. Since June 2016, Just Audi VW has donated more than £6,600 which has gone towards many of the student's scholarships and ensuring the school runs smoothly, it also helps to pay for exercise books, school meals, medical care and will contribute towards salaries. By having salaried teachers the school offers quality education with teachers that are committed to the development of the well-being of the children. In the previous year, 95% of the sponsored children passed their examinations and were promoted to the next grade, which shows that all the donations are making a difference.

From supporting this cause we keep in contact with how the donations are helping and regularly receive letters and drawings from the children who we support. Please check out the photos in this article of the lovely letters from the children.

On CPA's website, you can purchase Gifts Of Love which are support items to help the children's well-being as well as finding ways to help. To find out more about this project or other projects that are supported by CPA or to make any kind of donation please visit  or call 01522 846934.


Published by Liz Warner