Just Audi Vw First to Sponsor a Room at New YMCA Center

Yet to be built, but YMCA Lincolnshire's new health and wellbeing centre has its first room sponsor.


We at Just Audi VW, has signed up to sponsor a room at YMCA Lincolnshire's capital project, The Lincoln Nomad Centre.


The Lincoln Nomad Centre, which is expected to be built in 2019, will offer health and wellbeing services from a range of organisations alongside emergency overnight accommodation. We are the first organisation to sponsor a room, pledging £5000

Our pledge will fund the completion of a fully furnished en-suite bedroom, making us a part of YMCA Lincolnshire's legacy; helping numerous people in need.


The owner Adrian Morvinson, here Just Audi VW said: "We are really pleased to be the first room sponsor for The Lincoln Nomad Centre. We'd like to thank Paul Riddel Skips Ltd who has collected our scrap metal over the past three years. We have kept the scrap metal funds and have put this money towards sponsoring a room at the new centre.


"We are a locally run organisation and we try to support our community where we can. Homelessness is something we all see every day and is unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent across the UK. By pledging £5000 to sponsor a room, we hope we can make a real difference to our community, supporting some of the most vulnerable amongst us."



The charity currently runs essential but limited day services at the shelter too, but plans are well underway to create the new centre which will be open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The new centre will combine 20 en-suite rooms above a hub where visitors can receive nutritious meals, medical care for physical and mental health needs, housing support and skills training.


Last year YMCA Lincolnshire supported 270 people at its current night shelter on Monks Road, offering home-cooked food and a bed for the night for those in need of emergency accommodation.