Bransby Horses, a registered equine welfare charity with its head office eight miles north of Lincoln, has been bowled over by the extremely generous offer of a vehicle, which is being loaned to them by a local motor trade business.

The charity, which relies solely on public donations, has horse transport but also uses 'everyday' vehicles to routinely check-up on horses and ponies in foster homes and respond to welfare calls. Bransby Horses was short on vehicles so was thrilled to be able to accept a six-month loan car from Lincoln-based Just Audi VW to support its charitable work. In an average week, Bransby Horses' staff will drive hundreds of miles to visit horses and ponies who need checking, monitoring or rescuing.

Just Audi VW is based on Outer Circle Road in Lincoln and specialises in the retail, service and repair of used Audi and Volkswagen group vehicles (which includes Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda).  It is run by Adrian Morvinson who, along with his wife Maxine, keeps horses and is passionate about their welfare.

"We are very grateful to Adrian because we were finding ourselves stuck at times without a vehicle as we are so busy," explains External Welfare Manager Ryan Rouse. "The less we spend on expensive assets such as vehicles means we have more in our budget to spend on feed, veterinary medicine plus maintenance such as fence repairs." Ryan and his team members will be the staff using the 2011 VW Golf 1.6 TDi Estate loaned by Just Audi VW, which will carry decals of the dealer's branding as well as the Bransby Horses logo (kindly donated by Your Print Partner).

Adrian explained why he decided to step in: "As a family we love our horses and know how lucky we are to have them and how lucky they are to be looked after and cared for. It breaks mine and Maxine's hearts to think that other horses are not so lucky. We have helped by providing a reliable quality used vehicle from our choice of over 100 which will help Ryan and his team get about and do what they do best. Just Audi VW is delighted to be able to support Bransby Horses, and we will also be telling our customers at events about our support, encouraging them to visit."