Approved Member of Trust My Garage

At Just Audi VW, our company has always taken pride in its excellent customer support and commitment to customer satisfaction. We don't just see our customers who walk through our doors as another person who needs help with buying a car or needing maintenance, we see a new relationship in which we can serve. 


We hope at Just Audi VW that you feel that you can trust us to support whatever it may be, we hope every customer becomes a friend and we make sure to help them make the right decision, not just for that moment but for the future. 


Just Audi VW has been approved by Trust My Garage so you as a customer can be reassured that you are not being misled because every customer to us is a value to our company. 


As a Trust My Garage approved member you can guarantee we use up to date technician information, techniques and tooling; comply with a strict code of conduct; explain things clearly and treat you and your vehicle with respect; work to the highest standards and are backed by CRSI and the IGA. 


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Published by Liz Warner