Diamond BriteAt Just Audi VW & Just 4x4

Here at Just Audi VW | Just Audi 4x4 we use Diamondbrite for the protection of all our vehicles, which is applied by one of our fully trained and qualified staff members.

Diamondbrite Protects the following areas of your vehicle:

  • Vehicle exterior paintwork
  • The metal allloy of Wheels
  • Fabric and Leather Seats
  • Carpets

Diamondbrite is suitable for new and used vehicles, Diamondbrite will provide complete protection for your vehicles paintwork and after the application process, you shouldn't need to polish or wax your car again.

Furthermore the Diamondbrite glaze is a preventative against any fading or damage to paintwork that is often caused by the sun, salts, acid precipitation and many other pollutants that exist within the atmosphere. It is said to be known as the only paint protection product in the United Kingdom to provide any warranted protection against bird droppings.